Crema Europa - Limestone
Finishes: Honed
Orgin: Murcia, Spain
Crema Europa Limestone
Giallo Paillant - Limestone
Finishes: Honed
Orgin: El Sheikh Fadl, Egypt
Giallo Paillant Limestone
Camargo - Limestone
Finishes: Honed
Orgin: Chihuahua, Mexico
 Camargo  Limestone
Inca Gold - Limestone
Finishes: Polished
Orgin: Indus Valley, Pakistan
Inca Gold Limestone
Silver Beige - Limestone
Finishes: Honed
Orgin: China
Silver Beige Slab Limestone


Limestone is formed by the deposition and consolidation of the skeletons of ancient marine invertebrates. Because of its availability and ease in handling, limestone is commonly used for all types of construction applications. Its most common uses include kitchen and bathroom flooring, wall cladding, and kitchen countertops.

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Crema Europa

Giallo Paillanti

Inca Gold

Isis Cream

Jura Beige

Jura Grey


Rocas Azul


Silver Beige