Samsung Radianz™ Quartz
Saltoro Cliff
Radianz recycled content series
Samsung Radianz - Saltoro Cliff
Samsung Radianz™ Quartz
Mirama Bronze
Radianz recycled content series
Samsung Radianz - Mirama Bronze
Samsung Radianz™ Quartz
Mariposa Buff
Radianz recycled content series
Samsung Radianz - Mariposa Buff
Samsung Radianz™ Quartz
Ferio Black
Radianz recycled content series
Samsung Radianz - Ferio Black
Samsung Radianz™ Quartz
Antiqua Beach
Samsung Radianz - Antiqua Beach

Samsung Radianz Quartz

Samsung Radianz, aesthetics and practicality combine beautifully. Made from 93% quartz - already one of the hardest minerals found in nature - Samsung Radianz is engineered to be four times stronger than alternative materials. Samsung Radianz™ Quartz is ideal for kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bathroom vanity countertops, and even window sills. Surfaces can easily stand up to decades of use, maintaining their flawless, impregnable beauty.

Engineered quartz does not release Radon, since it is sealed at fabrication. Samsung Radianz is Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Control certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute. Samsung Radianz is also a member of the Green Building Council. All residential Samsung Radianz™ products come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty offered by Salvocorp, while a similar commercial warranty is also available.

* Note : Because computer monitors are calibrated differently, the colors you see may vary from the actual material. We recommend you request a product sample from your local distributor before making a final selection. For more information on Samsung Radianz™ or to view more samples, visit

Midnight Sapphire

Imperior Gray

Gold Canyon Gray

Gentle Gray

Diamond White

Diamond Black

Soback Beige

Cascade Pebble

Matala Tan

Everest White

Caucasus Gray

Appalachian Umber